Before putting on a pack and exploring the world, I was a house & techno DJ in San Francisco, California. I learned to play after my first rave in the year 2000 (Y2K). During my years in “the City” I felt very fortunate to be part of such a dynamic scene, full of good people and brilliant artists.

This page is my celebration that amazing era of my life.

Me at Concept 07To document those days, I have hours of recorded mixes on Soundcloud, some dating back to 2001. You can find three of those mixes linked below.

Further down the page I’ve compiled a career-spanning gallery of photos and flyers, and embedded two videos I love.

Dance music was also one of my greatest teachers. I’ll never forget its lessons about community, friendship, family, art, dedication, and much more.

Today I travel with USB keys, headphones, and my full collection of music, including 100 digitized vinyl classics. If you host a house, techno, or downtempo event anywhere in the world, and are looking for an overseas guest DJ with two decades of experience, please Contact Me. I’d love to play your floor.


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