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Deeper Thoughts

On “Finding Myself”

The typical cliché used to describe people like me who go traveling for extended periods of time is to say that, “He is finding himself.” Setting aside the belittling way that expression is generally used – as if the instinct for self-discovery is to be mocked rather than celebrated – after almost 17 months on the road I’ve found the common idea of “finding oneself” to be totally inaccurate.

Photo Essays

Photo Essay: Sunrise Over Borobudur

On the morning of Friday, January 13, I witnessed one of the most profound and memorable sunrises of my life over the Buddhist temple of Borobudur, near Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As you’ll see in the photos that follow, it’s difficult for me to put the morning into words, for I simply have none. I only have a feeling, which days later still brings tears to my eyes to recall.