Live at SGX (2002) Cover ImageSince I’ve been traveling, I haven’t had too much time to work on new music, choosing instead to focus on my writing and photography (for now).

But on a recent road trip through northern Arizona, I was loading up my phone with music and I found a bunch of my classic mixes I hadn’t listened to in awhile.

Then in a flash of inspiration, I realized that this moment actually gives me the perfect opportunity to share some the mixes I’ve always felt deserve a wider audience. Like to you, the people who know me today.

So I’m starting with this one, Live at Stargaze X (2002), my second recorded DJ mix ever! And one of my all-time favorites, from an intimate gathering with close friends and chosen family.

Click here to listen:

To me, this all-vinyl, driving progressive house set has really stood the test of time. Despite the music being 15 years old, much of it has a “timeless” feel. And it’s exciting to hear how much I’ve changed as a DJ, growing in terms of taste and technique, and how much I haven’t, because I’m still the same storyteller I ever was.

So I had the mix professionally remastered, to bring it up to modern loudness standards. And it still shines.

I remember being so thrilled after I played this set, and even more excited to hear the recording. I’ll never forget when I got the MP3, and burned it to CD (remember those?) to play in my car. I was a bundle of nerves. “Is it good? Is it good? I really hope it’s good!!” *crosses fingers*

Well, it was good. And 15 years later, I think it still is.

For those interested, you can check out most of the tracklist below. I seem to have forgotten a couple of tracks. Hmmmm….

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[1] Sheila Chandra – “Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean” – Real World
[2] Jade – “A Day In The Life of An Eastern Assassin (Hollywood Mix)” – Method Records
[3] D.M.O. – “Any Thoughts (Chab Dub)” – Imago Gramophone Records
[4] PQM feat. Cica – “The Flying Song (Markus Schulz Renaissance Dub)” – Yoshitoshi Recordings
[5] *unknown (Yoshitoshi Recordings?)
[6] *unknown (SOG Recordings?)
[7] Mark Spence – “Retreader (Graeme L Rmx)” – Immersed Vinyl
[8] Sound 5 – “The Hacienda Must Be Re:)Built (Tarrentella : Redanka Remix)” – Rip Records
[9] iio – “Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) (Deep Dish Space Mix)” – Ministry of Sound
[10] *unknown (Fade Records?)
[11] Ballroom – “Passenger (Steve Porter Remix)” – Lost Language
[12] Moshic & Landa – “Faza (Moshic’s Faza Remix)” – Pitch Black
[13] Sumantri – “Diversion (DJ Nukem Remix)” – Pod Recordings
[14] Gardner & Thomas – “Propaganda (Dubaganda)” – Pitch Black
[15] Oliver Lieb – “Subraumstimulation (John Johnson Remix)” – Data Records
[16] Lovesky – “Drums 4 Better Daze (Excession Remix)” – Hooj Choons

PS. Though I don’t think there are any photos of me playing that set, here’s one of me DJ’ing at around the same time. This was September 2001, at the previous family gathering, Stargaze IX. Still one of the best photos ever taken of me.

Me DJ'ing at Stargaze 9

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