Yesterday I took what basically amounted to a driving tour of Tierra Del Fuego in Chilé, on a quest to see king penguins, the second largest species of penguins after the famed emperor penguin of the beloved “March of the Penguins” and “Happy Feet.”

The penguin tour itself will probably get its own post. But the sunset on the drive back was spectacular.

Tierra Del Fuego Sunset
Tierra Del Fuego Sunset
Sunday April 24, 2016

I took it as a sign that I am beginning to settle into the groove of travel, and physically feel just how far away I am, because I found it impossible to comprehend that the sun that set so beautifully on my horizon was the same sun shining its afternoon light upon my friends back home.

And as my sun set in the growing cold of winter, my friends and loved ones were feeling the promise of summer in the springtime air.

What a wonderful world.

Another, wider view of the same sunset, with no filter or editing at all.

Sunset Panorama Over Tierra Del Fuego Ferry
Sunset Over Tierra Del Fuego Ferry
Sunday April 24, 2016

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